We Buy Houses In Virginia Without An Agent, In Any Condition, With Cash, And At No Cost To You!

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We Buy Houses In Virginia

We buy houses in Virginia and specialize in buying houses fast, with cash. We work for you to get your house closed quickly and we buy your house in any condition. We have enjoyed helping countless homeowners across the entire state by buying their house at a fair price. We pride ourselves on providing you a service and we always strive to exceed your expectations.

What Our Clients Have To Say, Even One With Title Issues…

Not All We Buy Houses Companies Are Created Equal

So here’s the thing, people are what make a company. The ethics, character and personality of the people within the company are what the company becomes.

If you’re going to do business with someone you want to know that their ethics and character will always error on the side of being honest and truthful throughout the transaction.

This is one reason our company name is Journey Properties (dba, JPHomeBuyers). We wanted to convey a since of mission in what we do because we take this seriously. Have a look at our about us page for more on that.

We Are A House Buying Company That Offers Cash For Your House Anywhere In Virginia.

We buy houses in Virginia mostly, but we have also bought houses in West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Indiana. As we grow, we always center who we are based on our core values.

It was our desire to not only provide a service to people who wanted to sell their house fast but to see communities and neighborhoods improved. It has been a pleasure to be a part of so many local homes being renovated and resold increasing neighboring property values and reducing potential crime.

We have set out to make this year a year of growth not only in the number of houses that we buy but also in achieving Google’s highest ranking home buyers in Virginia. To do this we will keep doing what we do and keep being who we are.

We Buy Houses In Virginia

We realize the importance of knowing who you are doing business with so we want to make sure you know us. Our credibility is at stake every time we pick up the phone, every time we sign a contract and every time we complete an in-person property evaluation. We do not take that lightly.

Because we buy houses in Virginia, across the entire state, we use local buyer agents and local contractors to complete property evaluations for us. This allows us to buy more houses than our competitors and it helps you, the seller, sell your Virginia house fast.

So I think by now you know us a whole lot better than when you arrived here. If you have a house you need to sell fast then why not give us a try?

Want To Sell Your House Fast? Then Get Started Today!

We buy houses in any condition. There are no commissions, no agents, no fees and no repairs needed. Start Below To Get Your No-Obligation Cash Offer!
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One last thought on the subject of selling your house fast…

We work with a lot of sellers who have had a bad experience while attempting to sell through an agent. Agents unfortunately are not always upfront with how things will work and they can over promise and under deliver.

My grandfather was a broker and he was known for being too honest, if there is such a thing. He was known to actually get up and walk potential buyers to the door of his office if he felt like they could not afford to buy a house. His thinking is that he would rather uphold his ethics and lose a commission, than potentially put someone into a house they could not afford where they could lose everything.

He had some people that were so offended they would never talk to him again, but he had others get their finances in order and return ready to buy a house. He had so many referrals he never had to spend a dollar in marketing (other than boxes of business cards, agents always have business cards 🙂 ).

I say all that to say this, not all agents are created equal. There are plenty of horror stories online to go around about bad experiences with agents so I won’t go there.

But the number one warning online is to be cautious of an agent who just wants to get you locked into a listing agreement for 3-6 months. That is valuable time if you need to sell your house fast.

JPHomeBuyers has NO listing agreements. We have purchase contracts. We are the house buyers!