Lead Qualifier (v3)

    NOTE: If they don't say their name, ask "Who am I speaking with?"
  • If "YES" continue... If "NO, NOT INTERESTED or REMOVE FROM LIST" go to "NO" section below

  • HINT: If they push back, Why are you asking me that? "At times it helps us to know how to better assist sellers. We want to make sure we can exceed your expectations. Did you have a reason you're wanting to sell? [PAUSE] If not, no problem."
  • HINT: If they will not answer... "Not a problem, just so you know how we work, we are a real estate investment company. There is no listing agreement like with a realtor that can tie up the property for 90-180 days. We close quickly, we buy property in any condition and we typically buy with cash. Do you happen to have a number you need to reach to sell the property?" [PAUSE]
  • NOTE: If the seller is providing other details please note that here.
    NOTE : Based on your conversation with this lead please rank them before submitting the form. Thanks for your help!

  • Get name, email, address, phone #; whatever they have available.
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