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A walk through of the house we bought as it was after we closed.

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What Others Say…

A cold call to Ron and Linda turned into them being able to sell their inherited house fast without the traditional hurdles found in listing the house. Hear it in their own unedited words. Click on their names below.

“As a realtor I knew I could list my rental property but honestly the thought of having multiple people disrupt my tenant was something I wanted to avoid. Additionally, I was looking for a way to keep the tenant in place while selling. Doug presented a fair offer and bought the house with the tenant. [JPHomeBuyers] closed in about a month and I couldn’t have asked for a better transaction.”

Angie J. (closed in under 30 days)

“After you came out and made us an offer we felt so comfortable with you that we never even called anyone else. We thought your offer was fair and you presented yourself very professionally. The entire experience has been very good. “

Harry H. (closed in 30 days)

“I can’t thank you enough. This was so impressively easy. I can’t even think of anyway possible for you to have made this easier on me.”

Tabitha (closed in less than 30 days)

“You are a straight shooter! Man you said it would happen and you weren’t kidding. The next house I sell I am calling you and only you. You have my word on that.”

Alexander (closed in 12 days)

“We certainly faced some hurdles but you communicated throughout the process and you got it done. Glad we ended up sticking with you to the end.”

S.W. (closed in 52 days after getting title and lien issues resolved)

“This could not have been easier. After a failed attempt of selling through our realtor you came in and wrote an agreement the same day you looked at the house. Then we closed a couple of weeks later.”

Matt (closed in 15 days)

“After we were in contract everything went really smoothly. You were able to close on the date we chose and I’ve got no complaints about the process. It was a very good experience.”

Sharon (closed in 45 days, on her schedule)

“Doug was great to work with, I needed to sell my old home fast and he went above my expectations. I have dealt with other house buying companies before but I wish I had known about JPHomeBuyers then.”

James Hale (closed in 14 days, on his schedule)

“I am such a skeptical and negative person that truly I did not think you would be able help me. So many people have said they would help me over the years with various things in business and many of them have not held up their end of the bargain. To be honest, many people have taken advantage of me and my husband and that’s why I was so negative about this sale.

When we ran into issues with getting payoffs I just kept expecting you to call me and say you were done. But each time you called you would calm me down and walk me through what was going to happen next.

Every time we were on the call together with the mortgage company you handled yourself so well. I would not have been able to deal with them by myself. I know we had to delay the closing, by no fault of your own, but I am so glad you stuck with me on this and got it done. I don’t think there is anyone else that would have gone to such great lengths to help me.

I don’t know what else to say other than thank you. I am so thankful I contacted you and Alan to help me. Thank you.”

Joan (48 days; problem with title delayed closing)