Giving Back Is An Important Part Of Who We Are

At Journey Properties it has been a goal from the beginning to bless others with our success. To do this we took the time to consider several different methods of giving back to our community and beyond.

Giving Back To The Community

We have made the commitment to give back 10% of our gross income to local ministries. It has been a blessing to know this money has been used to further local outreach in the Roanoke Valley and provide for needs of families throughout the Valley.

Giving Back Beyond

This one took longer to consider as we gave thought to beginning a non-profit. But after researching multiple possibilities we kept coming back to existing charities that were already established. By partnering with an existing charity we are able to tap an already functioning non-profit that reaches far more people than we could as a start up.

So in 2018 we committed to building toward giving 50% of our net income to charities like Compassion International. We love children and we hate to think about any child being forgotten. Compassion International has changed 10’s of thousands of lives worldwide and we gladly contribute to their continuing influence around the globe.

As We Grow

We know that as we grow into additional communities we will be faced with the need to consider how we give back. To do this we will consider local charities and local ministries in each market in which we serve. We look forward to discovering and supporting existing non-profits for the betterment of all their local citizens.