After doing deals in our backyard for more than 3 years we were drawn to the lure of doing deals remotely. So for the last 3 years we have been doing more deals remotely than in our hometown. During these last few years we realized we are really good at getting deals closed that were brought to us by other wholesalers.

So in effort to grow this side of the business, while helping wholesalers who would rather find deals than sell them, we launched Cloud House Buyers. And our goal is to close at least one deal in every state by the end of 2024!

We make dispo as easy as one, two, three…

1. Fill out the form at this link. We will promptly follow up with you regarding your submission. If the property you control meets our criteria we will get you the documents for step two.

2. We enter into our Joint Venture agreement where we agree upon the profit split and we spell out the terms. This one page agreement is straight forward and simple to understand.

3. We go to work with our nationwide buyers list to get your purchase and sale agreement assigned to the highest bidder!