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After Repair Value (ARV, is the full market value of your house AFTER repairs are completed. You can use sites like Zillow to see a free estimated ARV. Or use your most recent tax assessment. NOTE: “Zestimate” accuracy varies largely based on region and available public data.)

Your house’s square feet (Also found on sites like Zillow or your local GIS site.)

Before continuing please read about figuring your Cost of Repairs (CoR)
Many homeowners can misjudge the costs associated with remodeling a house. It gets expensive, fast! As you calculate this amount please take into consideration each system within your house. The amount you enter below must be accurate for this calculator to provide relevant results. We suggest a minimum of $10 per square foot since that is usually the best that we see. But for properties in need of many of the things listed below you’ll need to increase the amount up to $25 per square foot to remain accurate. Here is a list of things to consider in this calculation…
Exterior Landscaping, tree removal, roof, gutters, windows, exposed wood, siding repairs, paint, retaining walls, etc.
Interior Paint, flooring, moldings, doors, light fixtures, etc.
Kitchen & Baths Updated within last 10 years, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, etc.
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, all modern equipment functioning properly
Plumbing Updated within last 10 years to PEX supply lines, drain lines functioning, septic system maintained, etc.
Electrical Updated to breaker panel with adequate amps and grounded outlets throughout
Basement Ground water penetration, sump pump, mold, foundation issues, etc.

Cost of Repairs (CoR) per square foot


Total estimated Cost of Repairs (CoR)


Current Market Value (CMV is based on your ARV & CoR, and calculated from averages of selling a distressed property.)


Estimated costs associated of selling through an agent. This figure is based on averages at your CMV. This includes commissions, closing costs, renegotiated sales price based on inspections, and your holding costs while on the market.


Your estimated net proceeds if you sold through an agent.


YOUR CASH OFFER ESTIMATE! There are no deductions taken from this amount. NO closing costs. NO commissions. NO hidden fees.


Net difference (positive number = you should call us! Negative number = you should still call us. Our offers are free and no obligation. If we can’t net you more money than an agent, at least you’ll know.)


Calculator Use Disclaimer

These calculations are determined from estimates and averages of selling a distressed house. This does not serve as a guaranteed offer amount. This is a comparison tool only.