Do you need to sell your house in Roanoke during Covid-19?

We are living in one of the most unique times in human history. Everything we have built and worked for has been upended by an invisible, microscopic virus.  Among other things the real estate market has plunged so rapidly no one fully understands what will happen long term.  If you need to sell your house … Continued

What To Expect When A Buyer Requests A Home Inspection In Roanoke

To the buyer a home inspection makes perfect since, get a professional’s opinion of what needs fixed before making the purchase. But if you’re selling your house in Roanoke the inspection can invoke pure fear of what could be discovered in the process of your home being thoroughly examined. A couple of weeks back I … Continued

Selling Your House In Roanoke Should Not Be “Terrifying”

“This process is terrifying,” says my friend. This was after their listing agent advised them the offer they have on their house is contingent on a satisfactory inspection report. Selling your house in Roanoke should not be terrifying but in this case he has good reason to be concerned. They have had the house on … Continued